What is Triple Bypass Surgery?

The Triple Bypass Surgery is an open heart surgery and it is performed when three of the blood vessels that provide blood to the heart are too blocked to function properly.

In this surgery, the surgeon opens the chest to have a look at the heart and then performs surgery. However, there is also another type of procedure known as Minimally Invasive Procedure in which, there is no need to open the chest.

Why is the Triple Bypass Surgery required?

Triple Bypass Surgery is required when there are three vessels are blocked and need to be bypassed. The doctors will suggest the patients to go through this surgery to reduce further chances of having another heart related issues.

What are the benefits of Triple Bypass Surgery?

One of the biggest benefits of this surgery is preventing some serious complications like blood clotting, heart attack or pneumonia.

What are the risks in Triple Bypass Surgery?

As there are three vessels involved, the risk in the triple bypass surgery is higher than the normal bypass surgery. The basic risks are chest pain, heart attack, and stroke. When more arteries become blocked, the chances of heart attack increases. There is another risk in this surgery that is infection. Just after the surgery, the doctors will put the patient into an intensive care so that doctors and nurses can monitor closely to the patient.

How is the Triple Bypass Surgery performed?

The procedure is same as the normal bypass surgery. Nevertheless, triple heart surgery is a bit complex than the normal surgery. Click here to know about how the bypass surgery is done.

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