What is Stomach Bypass Surgery?

Gastric Bypass is one of the most common types of weight loss surgeries that are carried out. It is also known as a Roux – en – Y Bypass Surgery.

This surgery helps you to absorb fewer calories inside your body by making your intestine smaller, which eventually makes you lean and thin. So, stomach or gastric bypass surgery is a bariatric surgery.

Why is the Stomach Bypass Surgery required?

When it comes to significant weight loss, the best option to facilitate the process is often a gastric surgery. However, there are also some other ways for those who don’t wish to go through surgery like suitable diet and some exercises. But when the weight gain is out of control, gastric bypass surgery can help a lot. With stomach bypass surgery, the patient can lose about 80% weight.

What are the benefits of Stomach Bypass Surgery?

The benefits are :>

  • This surgery can cause long – term weight loss.
  • It also leads to significant improvement in the obesity related health conditions.
  • The process doesn’t use any kind of foreign object like the gastric band.
  • It also limits the amount of food you eat everyday which also helps in weight loss.
  • It reduces the hunger and increases the metabolism.

What are the risks in Stomach Bypass Surgery?

  • Bleeding (Also known as “Hemorrhage”)
  • Blood Clotting (Also known as “Thrombus”)
  • Sometimes Diarrhea, but more often, there might be constipation after the surgery.

Some of the other possible risks are :>

  • If you don’t take specific supplements daily for the rest of your life, you might have to face some physical problems that might occur due to low levels of vitamins.
  • You might also have low levels of calcium and iron in your body.
  • You might have trouble in taking protein diet.
  • The person might have fast heartbeat, diarrhea, fainting, and even abdominal cramping.
  • Narrowing of the sites where intestines are joined.
  • Internal hernia, in which the small intestine can be blocked or trapped.
  • If a patient feels some specific pain or any other physical issues, then there might be a need for additional surgery.

How is the Stomach Bypass Surgery performed?

This is most common surgery. The surgeons perform this surgery with a small cut and it has quick recovery time compared to other surgeries.

First,the surgeon makes a small stomach pouch by stapling the parts of stomach together. This limits the amount of food you eat. Next, the surgeon attaches the Y – shaped section of the small intestine to the pouch. So, it skips the parts of your digestive system and as a result, you absorb fewer amounts of calories and nutrients which eventually results into lean and thin body.

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