What is Bypass Surgery?

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery also known as coronary artery bypass surgery graft is a surgical procedure which is performed in order to restore normal blood flow to an obstructed coronary artery.

A normal coronary artery transports blood to the heart muscle itself and it also transports blood from the system.

Why Bypass Surgery is required?

When a material in your blood (such as cholesterol) builds up on your arterial walls, less blood flows through the heart muscle. The muscle then becomes exhausted and even might fail if it does not receive enough blood.

The doctors recommend Bypass Surgery when your coronary arteries become so narrowed or blocked that it might increase possibilities of heart attack.

What are the benefits of Bypass Surgery?

The main benefit of Cardiac Bypass Surgery for most of the patients is survival. The surgery may decrease the chances of heart attacks and restore the adequate blood flow to the heart which was fatally damaged by the lack of oxygen.

Because of bypass surgery, the heart gets normal blood flow, which was reduced earlier due to blockage. It helps in restoring the vitality and heart functions.

What are the risks in the Bypass Surgery?

  • Bleeding
  • Heart rhythm irregularities
  • Infection of the chest wounds
  • Memory loss or trouble while thinking clearly which can be improved within 6 to 12 months
  • Kidney problems
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack if the blood clot breaks loose just after the surgery.

This is the reason why physicians always ask patients to remain cautious after surgery. The patient must be careful about his diet, lifestyle, workout, medicines and stress levels to avoid any possible risk factors or side effects

The risks of developing the complications is generally low, however, it all depends on your health before surgery. As the complications are individualized, your doctor can give you a better idea of how you may experience these risks.

The risk of complication is higher if the doctors have to perform the operation in emergency or if you have some other medical problems such as, kidney disease, diabetes, or blocked arteries in your legs (which is known as Peripheral Artery Disease PAD).

How bypass surgery is done?

Let’s understand the process, as to, how the surgeons perform Bypass Surgery.

The surgeons make a cut in the middle of the breastbone in order to reach to your heart. However, there is another procedure in which your breastbone doesn’t need to be cut. The procedure is known as minimally invasive surgery.

A heart lung bypass machine helps blood to circulate around your body while a surgeon performs the operation. There is also another procedure in which the surgery is performed without such machine. It is knows as beating heart surgery.

The motive of bypass surgery is to divert the blood flow track. The clogged or blocked artery is bypassed by another artery through a diversion and normal blood flow to the heart is retained

After the surgery, you will be moved to intensive care, high dependency unit or the cardiac ward for rehabilitation and post operative care until you are discharged.

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